The express industry

The express industry has been described as the "Business Class" of cargo services – it provides rapid, reliable and flexible delivery services on a global scale, simplifying the demands of companies world-wide.

The express industry responds to delivery requests on-demand, carrying out door-to-door transportation of goods and providing tracking information to clients en-route, and even handling customs clearance when crossing international borders.

To meet the requirements of businesses in Europe, the express delivery industry relies on overnight transport to make full use of the down-time from when a company hands over its shipment late in the working day to delivery to the recipient early the following day. This is illustrated in the figure below.

Source: Oxford Economics Report - The Impact of Express Industry on the EU Economy - October 2020

In this section, you can read about the rapidly growing size and reach of the express industry and how the industry facilitates trade and competition across its ever-expanding market base. The express industry also provides for the improved productivity of companies, which in turn attracts investment to a company's base region.

Finally, whilst the express industry prospects are positive within the industry itself, it can also be interesting to see how this can in fact spark positive growth across a number of sectors worldwide.