Prospects for the express industry and global economic growth


The express industry is a fast-growing sector in its own right, growing at a rate faster than that of global GDP, but it also makes a significant contribution to the global economy in a broad range of sectors. The express industry's vital role in boosting international trade and competitiveness is such that even during times of slower growth in the global economy, the express industry will continue to provide essential support.

Total EU28 GDP contributed by European express industry, 2018


Source: Oxford Economics Report - The Impact of Express Industry on the EU Economy - October 2020

In 2018, the European express industry contributed an estimated €69 billion to the GDP of the EU28 countries. This total is between the 2018 GDP results for Luxembourg (€60 billion) and Slovakia (€90 billion).

The industry directly supported €20 billion in GDP and the sector’s economic activity had a €25 billion indirect impact through its supply chain spending. Furthermore, the consumer spending supported by the European express industry and its suppliers’ wage payments had a further €24 billion induced impact on GDP.