The express industry facilitates productivity and investment

The express industry has become an integral part of business operations around the world, allowing firms to reduce their operating and inventory costs, and facilitating the use of latest production techniques.

Firms worldwide are increasingly operating time-sensitive inventory systems, meaning that the rapid and reliable delivery of products or machinery components is very important. The express industry's services can also be highly important in the instance of a breakdown in machinery, which would necessitate the urgent delivery of replacement parts.

The impact of no next day delivery service

Impact on companies if international next-day delivery services to/from the country were no longer available

Source: Oxford Economics Report - The Economic Impact of Express Carriers in Europe

As well as productivity, the express industry has a number of other attributes which bring foreign direct investment into a region, which is critical to the development of many developing and transition economies. The express industry provides effective international transport links and facilitates ease of access to markets; the international next-day delivery service allows businesses to locate in regions that are not necessarily close to their market. Without this service, a significant number of businesses would be forced to relocate some operations to regions that do provide next-day services.