Transport & Environment Committee

The role of express in environmental and business efficiency

Express operators offer more than simple transportation services. They are “integrators” that help boost the efficiency of supply chains across Europe. Such increased efficiency creates both environmental and cost benefits.

Express companies use a variety of transport modes such as trucks, vans, passenger and freight aircraft, bicycles or on-foot delivery. Express companies are also participating in pilot projects looking into the potential use of rail in express networks.

Operating as efficiently as possible is critical to express, both from an environmental and cost perspective.   The express industry therefore continuously improves its network operations by renewing its fleets of planes and vehicles with the most advanced and efficient technologies.

In Europe, public policy has a key role to play in this process. Shaping a transport policy environment that cuts across disparate national rules and allows for the most efficient express operations should be the singular objective for Europe’s relevant policy-makers. In this regard, the completion of the European internal market for transport, through the realisation of the Single European Sky and the creation of a fully competitive and liberalised land transport market, must be a key priority for the European Union.

The EEA Transport & Environment Committee represents the EEA in its work on the wealth of transport and environment issues that affect express. In this section you will find more about the work of the committee as well as related links, documentation and Committee contact point.