Security Committee

Harmonised security rules allow for efficient movement of goods

Security is a vital element of efficient operations across the express sector. The EEA represents some of the world's largest air express carriers which provide a fully integrated door-to-door air-express cargo service. This is distinct from other segments of the air cargo industry where the cargo changes hands many times between cargo agents, brokers and airlines.

European Union policies relating to security standards in the aviation express industry are mostly focused on harmonising rules for the efficient movement of goods. The entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty has given the EU a stronger role in this area and plays an important part in ensuring common standards in aviation security. When security standards are in multilateral accordance they are more likely to be accepted by other countries and become international standards.

Common security standards are important to help simplify express operations and increase speed and efficiency of shipments.  The express industry benefits from governments cooperating to find solutions for simplified security measures.  This in turn allows for adjustments being made to evolving risk assessments and, when appropriate, to the introduction of new technologies.

Overall, the express industry benefits from security related measures when they take into consideration the operational and financial impact on both operators and its customers. This in turn also encourages increased trade, investment and productivity in the EU.

The EEA Security Committee represents the EEA in its work on the remit of security issues that affect express. In this section you will find more about the work of the committee as well as related links, documentation and Committee contact point .