EEA Transport and Environment Committee

The EEA Transport & Environment Committee (TEC) focuses on a number of policy issues cutting across the transport and environment space and spanning the different transport modes.

A number of key issues are of ongoing importance for the TEC. For road transport, cabotage liberalization, the harmonized implementation of the driving and resting periods as well as further developments of European Modular System would increase significantly the environmental and business efficiency of the logistics and express sectors. On the social dimensions of transport, the TEC is of the opinion that a correct and harmonized implementation of the existing rules is essential and that vehicles below 3.5 tons should be excluded from this type of legislation as their main activity is not driving, but rather delivery to final customers.

From an air transport perspective, the implementation of the EU Aviation Strategy, including the completion of a Single European Sky would have significant benefits on the efficiency of express operations network. Furthermore, the TEC promotes a “balanced approach” to the issue of aircraft noise management. Finally, the TEC supports a global framework for aviation emissions.

Express operators are genuinely multi-modal. Therefore, the TEC fully supports policy initiatives aiming to encourage effective and realistic co-modality between transport modes.

The European Commission’s vision for the Future of European Transport Policy for the next ten years should therefore be based on truly integrated modal networks that are able to deliver results in terms of sustainability and competitiveness, putting the transport sector at the centre of Europe’s 2020 Strategy.