EEA Security Committee

The EEA Security Committee is a forum to discuss security-related issues including technological, operational and regulatory aspects. The primary objective of the Committee is to ensure that members are kept fully informed of EU and global security rules and procedures.

In the EU, air cargo and mail aviation security is regulated by the Framework Regulation 300/2008. This Regulation updates standards for aviation across the EU and covers, for example, the screening of packages. The Framework Regulation is constantly updated and new amendments are issued.

The Security Committee promotes the harmonised application of such rules, which are essential for the efficient movement of goods in the EU and for the subsequent acceptance of EU security rules by third countries. One stop security allows for seamless transfer of consignments from one entity to another and faster transit without the need to perform security controls at every point of transfer.

Technology development in cargo security screening and detection equipment is important to maintain adequate levels of security. EEA members benefit from research into new methods for detection and EU wide standards and performance criteria for equipment and training.

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