EEA Competition & Market Reform Committee

The EEA Competition & Market Reform (CMR) Committee has been actively engaged in the debate on postal reform since 1990 and strongly supported the adoption of the European Commission's 3rd postal service directive in 2008.

This directive is to be implemented by most Member States in 2010 and by the remaining countries in 2012. The effective and correct implementation of the new rules across Europe will be a key priority for the Committee in the near future.

With regard to global trade, the EEA CMR Committee will be closely following the ongoing efforts by the European Commission to secure commitments from third countries on express delivery services, both through the WTO Doha Round and through bilateral and regional negotiations.

In this regard, the EEA CMR Committee focuses on avoiding the imposition of excessive administrative and financial burdens due to licensing and tax regimes and the reduction of market access barriers such as restrictions on foreign investment.