Competition & Market Reform

The impact of trade facilitation, fair competition and market reform on the express industry

The European Express Association has been a long standing supporter of trade liberalsation and easier market access. Import, export and delivery of time sensitive goods and documents requires efficient European and global delivery networks.

The development and day-to-day management of these delivery networks requires legal certainty and favourable market access conditions for express delivery companies to allow for further expansion and development. Trade facilitation,  further modernisation and simplification of customs procedures is another pre-condition for the provision of efficient Express Delivery Services.

EU postal reform and competition rules provide the legal framework required to ensure fair competition and to prevent burdensome licensing of delivery services. The EEA carefully monitors the implementation of the 3rd postal directive at Member State level to avoid an increase of regulatory restrictions for parcel and express delivery services at national level.

Beyond Europe, maintaining efficient operations in the global market is crucial for the express industry. Trade liberalisation agreements negotiated across the globe help reduce barriers to operating in foreign markets. The EEA also supports efforts by foreign administrations to modernise their local customs administration and adopt simplified and expedited clearance and release procedures, either at national level or in the context of WTO and WCO related efforts.

The EEA Competition & Market Reform Committee represents the EEA in its work on these critical issues. In this section you will find more about the work of the committee as well as related links, documentation and Committee contact point.